Thursday, January 24, 2013

Captain Blackwell's Prize by V.E. Ulett Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour Review


A romantic adventure from the days of wooden ships and iron men, Captain Blackwell's Prize is a story of honor, duty, social class and the bond of sensual love.

A small, audacious British frigate does battle against a large but ungainly Spanish ship. British Captain James Blackwell intercepts the Spanish La Trinidad, outmaneuvers and outguns the treasure ship and boards her. Fighting alongside the Spanish captain, sword in hand, is a beautiful woman. The battle is quickly over. The Spanish captain is killed in the fray and his ship damaged beyond repair. Its survivors and treasure are taken aboard the British ship, Inconstant.

Captain Blackwell's Prize features sword fights and sea battles alongside the manners, ideas, and prejudices of men and women from the time of Nelson and Napoleon.

My Review:

I have never read a naval book before so this was something totally different for me.   At times I had difficulty following what was going on because I was so unfamiliar with naval terms.  I did end up learning a lot about what it would have been like being on a British frigate during this time and I did find it interesting.   What I enjoyed most was reading about Captain Blackwell, he was an entertaining character to read about.  He was not charming or handsome, but he was a good honorable man that had some exciting adventures.

Mercedes is the woman who ends up on Blackwell's ship and she is smart and able to take care of herself.  I really liked how Ulett made her so capable and intelligent, she spoke several languages and was also knowledgeable about some of the jobs done on the ship.  It made her a perfect match for Captain Blackwell.

For some reason I did not find the battle scenes very exciting, they seemed to be over rather quickly.  The strength of the book for me was in the characters and the growing love story between Captain Blackwell and Mercedes.  I was not racing to get through this one but it was an enjoyable read.

My rating:  3 stars out of 5

About the author:

A long time resident of California, V.E. Ulett is an avid reader as well as writer of historical fiction. V.E. is a member of the National Books Critics Circle and an active member and reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. Eighteenth and nineteenth century journals and letters inspired the writing of CAPTAIN BLACKWELL'S PRIZE. The sequel takes Captain Blackwell and Mercedes to the far side of the world, on a new personal, and cultural adventure.

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  1. Captain Blackwell and Mercedes do sound like interesting characters. I think I'd enjoy this one. Great post.