Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle Review.

Sweet Tea and SecretsSweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jill returns to her home after being away for a year. She left Adams Grove after breaking up with her long time boyfriend Garrett. Jill returns because of the death of her beloved Grandmother Pearl. She moves back into their home even after being warned about some break-ins at the house. Jill slowly realises there is something going on and that she might be in some danger. Can she overcome her anger towards Garrett and let him help her through a difficult time and maybe find a way for them to get back together again?

Sometimes I just love a good southern lit book and this one was a fun, cozy read that I really enjoyed. My favorite character was Grandma Pearl, even though she dies early in the book she is still a main character throughout. She was kind and sassy and one of those great southern ladies that you would love to meet.

Jill annoyed me at times with all of her anger toward Garrett, he was obviously such a good guy, but I enjoyed reading about them slowly getting to know each other again. My favorite part of the book was reading about the small southern town and all of the people who lived there who loved and took care of each other. It was a great little comfort read.

There is a mystery as well that adds some suspense and excitement to the story, but that part was not as much fun for me as just getting to read about a nice little town where everyone gathers for the fourth of July picnic and at the church hall for special occasions. There are some great recipes at the end for an added bonus! Sweet Tea and Secrets is a nice heartwarming read and I am looking forward to more books about Adams Grove.

I picked this book up for free for my Kindle,  it is one of those rare finds that is a good read in the free section of the Kindle store!


  1. Gotta love a good freebie!! Southern lit can be so comforting to read sometimes :)

  2. Oh, I love Southern fiction. I'll take a look for this one.